Tandem Therapy brings physiotherapy to you.

We bring professional and specialized physical therapy services to your door to meet your specific needs.

Sports Performance

Whether it is basketball, pickleball, weightlifting, or running, we optimize our athletes' body mechanics to meet the demands of their sports. We utilize manual therapies and exercise programming to increase mobility, power, and strength.  

Working at your desk

We understand how working at your desk impacts your posture, ergonomics, and function. We implement myofascial techniques and exercises to decrease pain and improve the way you move and feel at work. 

Injury rehabilitation and prevention

We provide comprehensive injury rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we implement proactive strategies and exercises aimed at preventing future injuries, empowering you to maintain peak physical wellness.

Treatment Techniques

We utilize a diverse range of treatment modalities to address your unique needs and goals.
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Hands-On, Manual Therapy

We specialize in hands-on manual therapy techniques to mobilize soft tissues and joints to alleviate pain, restore mobility and enhance function.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique aimed at targeting deep muscular tissue to relieve tension and pain. This is to improve muscle function, mobility, and health.

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Exercise Programming

Once we alleviate any pain or restrictions in your body, we prioritize exercises that enhance stability and strength to control your improved function.

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